FYT – smart workplace insights


health tracker 


A new way of thinking about workplace health  

The AI enabled FYT sensor collects information about how you sit and feeds back your health data in real time


Here are 4 great reasons why FYT helps people stay happy in work 
  • FYT can help to reduce back and neck pain through improved posture and sitting position
  • FYT encourages the user to move more throughout the day which increases metabolism preventing some diseases
  • FYT encourages regular breaks which can boost employees’ overall health, happiness, and productivity
  • FYT helps to prevent MSK injury which is one of the main causes of absenteeism 
Posture Improvement

Reduce neck and back pain by regular position updates

Activity and breaks

Monitor break times and take exercise classes to move more


Reach your daily fyt score and track your history


Perform desk screen assessments within the app

Analyze your data

Data is securely sent to the cloud where our AI algorithm determines the best daily routine tailored to your sitting style. Personal information is anonymised while the company overview information helps your HR department pinpoint wider issues to help shape company health strategies.

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